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Don’t let diversity training divide. Take a different view.

Constructive, not critical.

Training that focuses exclusively on racial differences leads to even more stereotyping and hostility at work, studies by Harvard Business Review found. Want a truly inclusive environment? ViewHR is the constructive alternative for sensible corporate Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) training.

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Happier, more productive teams.

ViewHR trains teams in the behaviors that nurture team spirit instead of focusing on traits like race that we can’t change. Topics include respectful communication, practical conflict resolution, and much more.

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Fast-paced and friendly.

Maybe you’ve read the studies or experienced it firsthand: other corporate DEI initiatives and inclusion trainings are likely to leave participants “confused, angry, or with more animosity toward other groups.” ViewHR is different with good reason, keeping the tone friendly and the ideas constructive.

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Designed for a busy team.

Your employees can do our DEI training anywhere in minutes with our mobile-friendly apps.

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Easy to deploy.

We feature bulk enrollment so you can let us do more of the heavy lifting.

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Designed for mobile.

Self-paced lessons and quizzes can be done anytime, including from a phone.

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Our videos are around 5 minutes long and made to be both informative and enjoyable.

Evidence-Based Content Based on Research By
Harvard Business Review
University of Illinois
Harvard University

Subscription pricing that scales with your team.

You’re in good company

ViewHR’s trainings are evidence-based and designed with the help of respected thought-leaders, academics, and employment lawyers.

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